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Title: The Declaration
Type: Limited Edition Print
Edition Size: 200
Size: 18"x24"
Paper: Textured Linen Art Paper

Who Is Darrick Claiborne?

Darrick Claiborne is a professional Artist whose mixed media art has been exhibited around the world in galleries, museums, television commercials, and online.

It all begins with a blank canvas or a computer screen, with a mental vision of a dream from the night before or a day dream. Getting his thoughts out becomes top priority. Typically the paintings are acrylic on canvas and are executed with the canvas flat on the floor. He has a huge interest in fashion and entertainment and both interests show up in his paintings.

Claiborne also creates digital paintings using image editing/creation software. The digital paintings are created in layers using shapes and airbrushing techniques to paint the subjects. No drawing tablets or special devices are used for producing his art. The digital paintings are created by viewing the screen and using the computer mouse in his right hand. Sometimes the paintings are embellished with fabrics, jewels or even more acrylic/oil pastel painting to have a finished piece. This makes each painting unique and still a statement of his feelings and vision at the time of completion.

The Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia acquired the paintings from Claiborne's solo exhibition, "My Richmond" to be a part of the permanent archives. His work has been collected by Private Collectors, Hospitals, Political and Religious Leaders, Multiple Platinum Music Recording Artists, Comedians, Television Actors, Best Selling Authors and a Hollywood Stunt Woman.

Claiborne is contracting as a Senior Systems Analyst at a fortune 500 company. He received his B.S. in Communication from Appalachian State University (1995) and is a M.S. Information Systems Management candidate from the School of Business at Virginia Commonwealth University (2016).

Claiborne is also a professional Actor with credits in television, commercials and film. He currently resides in Virginia with his wife Tara and children.